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Recruit Nation rankings and ratings use charting numbers, camp drill work performances, video reviews and camp competitions to judge an athlete. This system was developed to help build exposure for middle school and high school student athletes and assist college coaches in finding prospects.  We have a database that has thousands of prospects we have identified, evaluated/rated, and have gathered information on.  College programs nationwide, take the information we provide and download it into their recruiting database. They use the data as a starting point when identifying the players they will recruit.


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Our reputation for honest and accurate evaluations has earned us the respect of the college coaching community.  Over 700 college programs have access to Recruit Nation's rankings and are considered the Gold Standard in college football recruiting. We update these rankings three times a year (January, May, September).

Our goal is to identify the top prospects before they are well known, provide a trusted evaluation, and then streamline those players to teams in the athlete's region.  Doing this allows coaches and personnel departments to focus on coaching and recruiting opposed to spending their time identifying players and collecting information. Coaches are also limited in how much time they can recruit and be on the road, while we have the ability to go on the road and see/evaluate kids in person year-round. We are an extra set of eyes for coaches and recruiting departments when they can’t be there. We work with teams from every major D1 conference down to FCS and a number of D2 and D3 teams.


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