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Please allow 24-48 hours for our panel of scouts to evaluate and rate your recruiting potential.

Our mission is to provide and honest 3rd party evaluation of your talent.  Our list is given to our partner company, the Dream Scouting Network, to share with every NCAA and NAIA program in their network.  This means your information will be seen by over 700 college programs.  We hope that this increased exposure will help you in your recruiting journey.

How do our scouts determine their ratings for student-athletes?

  1. The scouts review video and compare skill level to current high school student-athletes with scholarship offers and to current college players

  2. The scouts review all college correspondence, interest and scholarship offers received by the student-athletes

  3. The scouts factor in the student-athlete's athleticism, speed, quickness & size

Below is a sample Recruit Nation Full Recruiting Report.  This in depth report is used to provide the most comprehensive recruiting evaluation for aspiring collegiate student-athletes.  Please continue reading for more details about the evaluation.


Brightwood Academy
The Recruit Nation panelists consist of former professional & collegiate athletes, personal trainers and coaches.  Their evaluation is based upon review your video, your measurables and current college interest.  The panel is evaluating and comparing your skill set, size, speed, agility, quickness, power, athletic IQ to current collegiate athletes that play your position.  The ratings are a rough estimate of the potential level they feel you have the best chance to play and excel.  
Potential Programs
Old Dominion   
Morgan State University
Temple University
Towson Univerity
James Madison University
Recruiting Coordinator Information
Recruitingcoordinator@Old Dominion   
Recruitingcoordinator@Morgan State University
Recruitingcoordinator@Temple University
Recruitingcoordinator@Towson University
Recruitingcoordinator@James Madison University
Scouting Report
  • Crafty passer using either hand; quick and explosive off the attack, especially in transition
  • Finishes around the rim with either hand
  • Good mid-range jumper; can shoot off the dribble in both directions
Potential Barriers
  • Often tries to push the limits of his passing by forcing the issue
  • Needs to add weight to avoid being pushed around by more physical defenders
Recruiting Game Plan Provided By The Dream Scouting Network

The Dream Scouting Network team is passionate about assisting high school student-athletes through the recruiting process.  We have the best scouts in the industry, comprised of former professional and collegiate athletes, coaches and athletic trainers.  We have successfully provided recruiting coordination to thousands of Student-Athletes nationwide.    

We believe every student-athlete deserves a shot to play at the collegiate level.  Our Regional Scouting will evaluate your highlight videos, discuss your goals and current recruiting status. 

This Simple 4 Step Rating & Recruiting System Has Helped Student Athletes Like You Generate Over 1,000 Elite Camp Invites, Official Invites and Scholarship Offers!
Coast-to-coast, there are student-athletes of all sports aspiring to play at the collegiate level.  Unfortunately, too many are overlooked and have a difficult time building exposure and connecting with college programs. 
In 2018 we surveyed over eight thousand student-athletes from across the country.  The most common barriers the student-athletes faced were:
  1. Unaware of strengths, weaknesses and potential programs that fit ability

  2. From a small town that is frequently overlooked by recruiters

  3. High school coach is not proactive in their recruitment

  4. Do not have time and resources to contact hundreds of coaches a month

  5. Not well educated on the ins and outs of the recruiting process

  6. School does not have a winning tradition so college coaches rarely visit if at all

  7. Lack exposure and online presence

  8. In need of recruiting coordination

 If this sounds like your situation, do not worry...


Recruit Nation, along with our partnering programs, have spent years developing The Exposure Launch to overcome all recruiting barriers.

The Exposure Launch has many features to help you build exposure and connect with college coaches:​

 Who are the partnering programs?

What will you receive?
  • You will receive your complete panel rating (Recruit Nation)
  • You will receive our recommendations of college programs (Dream Scouting Network)
  • You will receive the contact information of the recruiting coordinators (Dream Scouting Network)
  • You will receive your scouting report (Recruit Nation)
  • You will learn potential recruiting barriers (Recruit Nation)
  • Your name will be added to the Recruit Nation Elite watch list (Recruit Nation)
  • You will receive a recruiting game plan (Dream Scouting Network)
  • Your evaluation will be sent to 5 college programs of your choice (Dream Scouting Network)
  • One-on-one academic consultation (I Dream Educational Services) 
  • Discount to all 2020 Dream 100 showcase events (Dream 100)
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